Condensate Recovery System

Automatic Condensate Transfer Pump

Aquatherm hot water generator generates hot water at a temperature as high as 140 ÂșC within a few minutes of cold start. The technology innovation of Aquatherm lies in the use of water in its liquid phase to transfer heat to the process.

Atmospheric Flash System
Product Features
  • Generates low pressure flash steam
  • Adequately sized to minimise pressure drop
  • Designed with optimum separation velocity to get dry steam
Atmospheric De-Aerator with Immersion Tube

Designed to remove dissolved gases and oxygen from feed water by proper mixing of condensate, flash steam and cold make up.

Product Features
  • Liberates dissolved gases and oxygen
  • One of the cost effective solution of dissolve oxygen removal from boiler feed water
  • Thermal de-aeration of feed water by efficient mixing of condensate, flash steam and make up water
  • Complete SS construction