Nikhil Technochem



Centrifugal oil filtration system to remove sediments up to 0.25 Microns from furnace oil for effective combustion, trouble free & cost effective  operation. It is offered for thermal oil cleaning application as well.

Quick Heat – Instantaneous Hot Water Generator

Quick Heat is Thermax’s packaged instantaneous hot water system. The hot water is generated by indirect heating of water in a heat exchanger with steam as the heating medium. It is ideally suited for pharmaceuticals, breweries, textiles, hospitals & hotel industry.

    Product Features

  • Instantaneous generation of hot water ‚Äì Less warm up time
  • Skid mounted assembly ‚Äì Compact, minimum floor space required, simpler plant structure, easy installation at sight
  • Pump and trap combination ‚Äì No stall conditions
  • Accurate temperature control ‚Äì Desired temperature output
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Heat treated and nitrided internals of valve ‚Äì Prevents erosion, wire drawing effect

Ecodraft – Furnace Draft Control System for Solid Fuel Boilers & Thermopacs

    Reliable & proven transmitter & controller system engineering by Thermax Limited, developed by Experience & know & how of years.

  • Plug & Play of VFD, Transmitter & Controller
  • Rugged Design of VFD
  • Detailed Status Information & Integrated message functions
  • Load Torque Sensing
  • Parallel Damper for ID Fan Control
  • Very good control at Low loads

Flow Meters – Steam & Water

Used for

  • Steam generated by boilers
  • Establish steam consumption of plant / process / Utility.
  • Find out steam losses, if any in plant / process / Utility.
  • To find out steam consumption per batch.

Two Types – Orifice Plates & Vortex Type.

Salient Features
Rugged Design, Fit and forget
3 Level password protection
User friendly programmable display unit
Low Cost Solution
Retransmission to PC / PLC
Zero maintenance to nil moving parts


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