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Thermax offers high quality spares to enhance equipment uptime.  They reduce the risk of parts failure leading to plant downtime and losses.
Thermax spares come with a ‘Thermax Genuine Spare’ hologram. To send us your request for spares, please click the appropriate link below:

  • Packaged boilers spares
  • Large industrial boilers spares
  • Absorption cooling spares
  • Water & waste solutions spares
  • Air pollution control spares

Thermax offers special high quality spares to enhance equipment uptime :

Features :

  • Inadequate spares inventory plan often leads to downtime of equipment for need of spares.
  • Planning spares procurement and maintaining inventory of essential critical spares is as important as operating and maintaining the equipment
  • In absence of availability of right quality spares both the equipment and plant production is at risk
  • The loss of a batch of production can be many times more than the cost of the spare part itself.

Thermax Genuine Spares Ensure :

  • High Quality
  • Reduced risk of parts failure leading to monetary loss, plant downtime
  • Assurance of correct specifications
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Thermax Support

All Thermax Spares Come With “Thermax Genuine Spare Hologram


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