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Supermax Plus is one of the highest capacity and most efficient non-IBR boilers. At 1,000 and 1,250 kg/hr, Supermax Plus is the new benchmark in non-IBR boiler capacity, surpassing the existing 600 and 850 kg/hr non-IBR boilers by a whopping 50%.

Product Features

  • Efficiency of 91%
  • Ensures total combustion, diminished soot
  • Comes with thermodynamically balanced jacket
  • From 0 to 100% steam output in less than 3 minutes from cold start

Operating Range

  • Capacities: 1000 to 1250 Kg/hr
  • Design pressure: Up to 10.54 kg/cm¬≤ (g)
  • Steam temperature: Up to 185¬∫C
  • Firing fuels: HSD, FO, LDO, natural gas, LPG and dual fuel options
  • Fuel – Light Oil, Heavy Oil & Gas
  • Advanced design & condensate recovery ensures thermal efficiency up to 91%
  • Superior combustion achieved by high air preheat temperature
  • Thermodynamically balanced jacket ensures uniform heat distributionLower operating costs – reduced fuel, water and chemical treatment and blowdown heat loss compared to other non- IBR boilers
  • Typical applications- garment, chemicals, food, pharma, paint, pigments and other process industries
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